Introducing our Wedding Party

Matron of Honor: Brianne

I met Brianne in middle school when we were placed in the same homeroom class. We instantly became the best of friends and have been close ever since. We have so many fun memories together (writing songs in 8th grade science, Harry Potter trivia nights, rooming together freshman year of college, being on the same cheer team, Jonas Brothers concerts, trips to Maui...) and we always end up laughing over all these sweet memories whenever we get a chance to spend time together. It's so hard to pick a favorite memory but one that always makes me laugh was during our freshman year at Whitworth University. Our dorm was having an ugly sweater Christmas party and we decided (as we usually do) to dress up like characters from Harry Potter. We were getting bored with the party and decided we needed to do something to make the party more "magical" so we ran up the stairs to the window above the main door and practiced "casting spells" on people who were coming to the party. Brianne pretended to make her cup of hot chocolate levitate by saying, "Wingardium Leviosa! 0o0o0o0o0hhh" and it made me laugh SO hard that I spit my hot chocolate out all over the window. It was completely embarrassing but still makes us laugh to this day. No matter how much time passes or how far we live apart, Brianne will always be one of my best friends. I had the honor of attending her wedding to Brad last summer and I'm so thankful I will have her by my side as I marry the love of my life. Brianne is sweet, caring, selfless, and one of the funniest people I know. She is also an incredibly talented coach and gymnast. I can't wait to have her as my Matron of Honor at the wedding.


Best Man: Josh

This handsome guy is not only Wesley's younger brother, but also the best man. Some say the origin of the 'Best Man' was to stand guard as he was most likely the best swordsman. Unfortunately, due to Jessica's request (demand), Josh will NOT be allowed to carry a cool sword at his waist, even though Wes has made very valid arguments on how amazing the wedding pictures would be, but I digress. One of the best brothers anyone could ask for, Josh has been Wesley's best friend their entire lives. Growing up in Europe those two always had each other's back no matter what, and we are honored to have him be the best man on June 26th for our wedding. Josh spends his free time with his lovely girlfriend, Ana, and their awesome German Shepherd , Smokey (same litter as our Maverick). He can also bench over 415lbs.

Maid of Honor: Carly

I met Carly when she started working as the school psychologist at the same school I was working at. I remember that I went to her office after a particularly stressful day and somehow we both decided that going to happy hour after work was absolutely necessary. We've been close ever since. What I love most about Carly is her caring heart and her adventurous spirit. Some of my favorite memories together include traveling to Cabo San Lucas the summer before I moved to Colorado. We got to swim with dolphins together and it was seriously a dream come true. Carly is one of the most supportive, generous, loyal, and caring people I have ever met. She always wants people to know how much they are appreciated and loved. Carly has been there for me through the highs and lows of the last few years and I know that she will always be a huge part of my life. Carly will be Maid of Honor in my bridal party and I am so excited to spend this day together and create even more amazing memories to look back on.

Groomsman: Ethan

Wes' most musically talented cousin, these two have been great friends their entire lives. When they were little, they wanted to be inventors so bad, that they would spend hours coming up with the most bizarre things and call it an invention. The "best" one was an alarm clock tied to a string on the dresser. When the winder rotated it came off the string and fell to the ground making a loud the alarm sound wasn't loud enough. Ethan is definitely a thrill seeker and enjoys spending his free time flying down mountains on a snowboard or soaring while paragliding. He also loves spending time with his amazing girlfriend and adventure partner, Marina.

Bridesmaid: Susan

Susan and I have known each other since 1st grade (well, probably technically kindergarten). We became friends in elementary school and continued to remain close through middle school, high school, and college. No matter how much time passes or where life takes us, we can always pick up the phone and continue right where we left off. Some of my favorite memories include being in high school musicals together and tap dancing until we literally could not walk anymore, waking up before sunrise to drive to the Oregon Coast and take pictures of half-filled water glasses, making "forts" out of the giant hay bales in the field in front of her house (and also pretending the bales were horses and giving them names), decorating Christmas cookies and dancing around the kitchen to the "Fiddler on the Roof" soundtrack, and watching classic movies together while sharing microwave popcorn from the special popcorn bowl at her house. Susan has taught me about photography and art history and how to see the world from an artist’s perspective. She is so insightful, caring, and creative. She holds me accountable in the most loving way and I'm so thankful for our friendship. Susan will be a bridesmaid in my wedding party and I could not be more excited to have her next to me on this special day.

Groomsman: Josiah

This other handsome guy we have here is Wesley's most adventurous cousin. Rumor has it, Bear Grylls reads survivalist tips from Josiah, while at his hotel between tv takes. A man of nature with a heart of gold, he loves to spend time outdoors, exploring nature's beauty with his trusty companion Eden (pictured with him). Wes and Josiah once pulled an all-nighter putting together a solid argument that Tupac was still alive and living in Cuba. They were very disappointed when there was no Tupac comeback in 2012.

Bridesmaid: Jessica

I met Jessica through mutual friends when I taught in Battle Ground, Washington for two years. While we only lived in the same town for a relatively short amount of time, we quickly became friends and I am so thankful to count her as a close friend today. Some of my favorite memories together include happy hours at Emanar Cellers Winery where one of the servers thought we were sisters because we look so much alike, a surprise weekend in Cannon Beach where we had perfect weather (even though it was November) and spent time soaking up the amazing ocean views, spending spring break in Denver during opening weekend and hiring a bike chariot to drive us to a bar where we had the best mango margaritas. and countless facetiming and virtual girls nights. Jessica always makes her friends a priority. She is one of the most thoughtful, considerate, and sincere people I have ever met. She is also a phenomenal teacher and advocate for children who need additional supports. Jessica will be a bridesmaid in my wedding party and I am so thankful to have this beautiful friend standing up with me on my wedding day.

Groomsman: John

Have you ever drove passed an overpass, and seen someone turn a muddy parking lot into their mudding amusement park? Most likely that's Wesley's cousin John. With a country boy attitude, his heart is pure as gold. During the Houston floods of 2017, during pouring rain and dangerous water levels, John launched his boat into the floods and began making countless trips into danger to help bring stranded survivors to safety. We could not be any more proud of this guy's selfless actions. He welcomed his beautiful daughter last year.

Bridesmaid: Leslie

Leslie and I became friends when I started working at working at the same school as her 5 years ago. I think one of the first conversations we had was about lularoe leggings (which we obviously bonded over because they are incredibly cute and comfortable) and the rest is history! We have shared so many fun memories together, including many wine tasting adventures at Confluence Winery (or any wineries in Ridgefield...I think we've been to all of them!), surprise weekends at Cannon Beach playing "What do you Meme" and laughing until we could hardly breathe, and spring break exploring Colorado (including Denver, Estes Park and the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park). Leslie is such an encouraging, kind, and supportive friend. She has the best sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh! She is also an incredibly gifted teacher who constantly comes up with creative ways to meet her student’s needs. Leslie will be a bridesmaid in my wedding party and I'm so thankful to have her stand up with me and support me when I say, "I do".

Groomsman: Ryan

When this guy enters a room, everyone immediately stops what they're doing and pays respect because you must 'Obey the Beard'. Ryan and Wes' friendship story is one for the papers. Meeting in a Call of Duty 4 lobby on Xbox 360, these guys began gaming back in 2008. They gamed together so much that they became texting and Facebook buddies. Fast forward 11 years, they met in person for the first time where Wes asked him to stand up for him. He is welcoming in his first born this year with his beautiful wife, Sarah.

Bridesmaid: Paige

Paige is one of my cousins (and she completes the "sister" trio with Hailey). Paige and I have grown up together and have been there for each other through every curve ball life has thrown our way. I can always count on her to have my back, no matter what. Paige is currently pursuing her degree in nursing at a really prestigious university (to say I'm proud of her is such an understatement). She is hilarious, fun-loving, driven, and one of the strongest people I know. Paige has taught me how to live life to the fullest every single day. Some of my favorite memories with Paige include all the weekends we spent together while she was working on her undergraduate degree. She would come over and cook for me and I would let her do laundry and get a break from the college craziness...I definitely got the better end of the deal...she's an amazing cook! Paige is truly a beautiful, loving, and amazing friend. I'm so thankful that God made us family and that we were lucky enough to become good friends too. Paige will be a bridesmaid and I'm so excited to have her standing by my side this June.

Groomsman: Mike

Jessica's younger brother will not only be Wes' groomsman on the day of the wedding, but one of his new brother-in-laws. If there was an official title of world's nicest guy, it would definitely be Mike. There will never be a time where you won't see Mike with a smile and an amazing attitude. When I first visited Washington I so nervous to meet Mike, because both of Jess' brothers mean the world to her, so I knew that I had to make a great first impression and earn the approval of her brothers. Mike and I immediately hit it off and quickly became best friends. Our common interest in video gaming definitely played a huge role in our bond. I'm so excited to welcome him into Josh and I's circle of awesome brothers. When he isn't working hard at his job, Mike enjoys kicking back and playing some video games or attending bible study.

Bridesmaid: Hailey

Hailey is one of my cousins (but really we are more like sisters). Hailey and I have known each other since she was born! I grew up babysitting her and her siblings and I'm slightly in denial that she will be graduating high school this year. After high school, Hailey plans on attending the same university as her older brother, Kaiden. I'm so incredibly proud of her! Some of my favorite memories with Hailey include babysitting her and her 3 brothers and tricking them into running laps around the house so they would get tired (it never worked), recreating our cousins Christmas picture every year (even though it definitely has gotten more difficult as we have gotten older!), and sharing so many fun family traditions (like going Black Friday shopping for 20+ hours, eating pizza every Christmas Eve, sledding on Mt. Baker after Christmas Day, and going bowling on New Years). Hailey is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. She is funny, sweet, kind, and one of the most caring people I know. Hailey will be a bridesmaid in my wedding party and I can't wait to celebrate this special day with her at my side.

Groomsman: Cameron

Jessica's youngest and most adventurous brother is Cameron. When I met Cameron it freaked me out a bit, because this guy is basically me but 10 years younger. Any time I have the chance to go back to Washington, Cameron and I have at least 1 night where we stay up all night talking about anything and everything. I am so excited to gain another brother and have him stand up by my side during our wedding. While his other two siblings learned piano, Cameron decide to throw in even more instruments and make louder music. So he began his journey of mastering the drums at a young age and currently plays in the band at his church. During the day, Cameron works alongside his dad building the most amazing custom homes, but at night he enjoys living life. You could give Cameron a tent and some tools, and he could spend days out in the wilderness being gone with nature.