Our Story

As crazy as it sounds, our forever began with a simple text that said, “Hey, hope you’re having a great night!” We both logged into the dating app “Bumble” one Saturday night in April, 2019 and God made sure we crossed paths. Neither of us were looking for anything other than just using the app to pass the time. Jess already had plans to move back to Washington State and Wes was starting to consider a move to Texas. What started off as some lighthearted conversation quickly turned into a plan to meet at the local dog park (Wes was so nervous he showed up 2 hours early). We absolutely hit it off and decided to meet up for our second date the following day. At this point neither of us thought we would start pursuing a relationship, but we couldn’t deny that we had found something really special. We became inseparable and quickly fell for each other. We both decided that we HAD to explore this, and Jess decided to stay in Colorado. Fast forward to December 6, 2019. We went to Paravicinis Italian Bistro in Old Colorado City, CO for our weekly date night. As we were having a glass of wine in their upstairs wine bar waiting for our table, it hit Wes. He was ready to propose. He took a picture of Jess as he made a toast to the rest of the night and all the good things yet to come. The next day Wes met his parents for lunch and told them he was on his way to the jewelers to find an engagement ring. Wes called Jess' dad that day to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Wes’ intention was always to fly out to WA and ask Jess’ dad in person, but he honestly couldn't wait. With the help of Jess' family and our amazing friends Marv and Linda, Wes began planning the perfect proposal for Jess in Washington. Part of the planning was packing the ring for our flight to WA for the engagement, and he started panicking when he thought that TSA might pick his bag to search as they went through security. If they pulled out the ring box it could ruin everything! Wes decided to wrap the ring box in multiple socks and taped a note to the inner sock saying "Engagement ring, I'm with my girlfriend, don't ruin this please". Thankfully we ended up having zero issues at the airport. On December 22, 2019 Jess, her mom, and Wes drove to Marv and Linda's for a night of horseback riding and drinking wine. Little did Jess know that her father, brothers, and some of her best friends were already there in the arena. Jess went out to the barn with Marv to “get the horses ready” but really it was all set up to buy Wes some time to get to the arena and get ready to propose. Check out the video below to see the proposal. Obviously she said yes! We are so excited to take the next big step in our relationship surrounded by all our family and friends. Thanks so much for being a part of our special day!

The Proposal

No way we could have a website and NOT show off our amazing pups Maverick (Left) & Aspen (Right)